Redensa ChatGPT Jailbreak for iPhones

A New Way to Jailbreak ChatGPT

Redensa, an iOS app intended to jailbreak iPhones, introduced a new method to jailbreak ChatGPT without logging into the ChatGPT interface.

The sole purpose of the Redensa app is not ChatGPT jailbreaking, but it's good to see other developers following the path Oxtia made by developing tools to jailbreak ChatGPT.

What is Redensa?

Redness is an iOS app that can tweak your iPhone using the terminal interface. It allows you to install third-party apps (not available on the Apple App Store), tweaks, and themes. That's the core intention of the Redensa app.

However, as an added functionality, it allows you to jailbreak ChatGPT using the iTerminal. That means you can jailbreak ChatGPT with simple terminal commands without an extra app or logging into ChatGPT like you do when using ChatGPT jailbreak prompts.

How does Redensa ChatGPT Jailbreak work?

When installing Redensa, you’ll be installing 2 separate apps on your iPhone; the Redensa app and iTerminal app.

The Redensa app provides codes or commands to execute on the iTerminal app where you can get things done.

As the first step, install Redensa using the Xookz app by tapping the below button with the Safari browser of your iPhone / iPad.

Install Redensa

After the installation, you’ll see the Redensa app and iTerminal app on your home screen.

Jailbreak ChatGPT with Redensa

You’ll need both Redensa and iTerminal apps for ChatGPT jailbreaking, as the Redensa app provides instructions and commands while iTerminal does the ChatGPT jailbreak part.

01: Open the Redensa app and tap the “ChatGPT Jailbreak” button

02: Read the instructions and tap on a code to copy the ChatGPT jailbreak code

03: Open the iTerminal app, type “hackgpt”, and hit Enter

04: Paste the copied ChatGPT jailbreak code into the iTerminal

05: Enjoy the limitation-free ChatGPT

Oxtia vs Redensa: ChatGPT Jailbreak Tools Comparison

There are two tools, Oxtia and Redensa, that can jailbreak ChatGPT. These two tools are similar and different in some ways. Let us check them out.

You can jailbreak ChatGPT with both the Oxtia and Redensa tools. The Oxtia tool comes as both a web app and an app. You can only get Redensa as an app, though.

Since Redensa is only for iPhones and iPads and Oxtia works with all OS, we can say that Oxtia is the best choice.

We can say that Oxtia is about ChatGPT Jailbreak, but Redensa's primary goal is to let you customize your iPhone.

The Oxtia tool links you directly to the ChatGPT interface and does the jailbreak process. Redensa, on the other hand, lets you do the jailbreak process through a terminal instead of connecting directly to the ChatGPT interface. You can get ChatGPT's natural feel from Oxtia. Because of this, the Oxtia tool is the best option for ChatGPT Jailbreak.

What Redensa means for ChatGPT Jailbreaking

The future of ChatGPT jailbreaks will be mainly tool-based, unlike early attempts to use jailbreak prompts for ChatGPT.

So, it's great to see so many developers contributing to developing ChatGPT Jailbreak tools.

Advantages of using tools to jailbreak.

  1. No more searching for prompts or pasting them into ChatGPT.
  2. The jailbreak experience is made more fun by creating jailbreak tools.
  3. Enjoyment can be spread without harm.
  4. Some existing jailbreak prompts are banned. Using such prompts may harm your account. Damage can be minimized by using tools.
  5. Your jailbreak triggers may be limited. Therefore, you should periodically check for such instructions or find a new one. By using tools, you avoid such problems.
  6. When looking for ChatGPT Jailbreak prompts, they will not work. Users of a tool can handle this challenge.

Also, we are happy that Oxtia is not alone in developing a ChatGPT jailbreak tool, and we welcome the advent of the Redensa tool.

As the pioneers of tool development for ChatGPT, our team is committed to releasing the most advanced ChatGPT jailbreak tools as soon as possible along the Oxtia path, and we aim to provide the best.


You can Jailbreak ChatGPT with the Oxtia ChatGPT Jailbreak Online Tool and the Redensa Tool. Find the best ways that these methods are alike and different. Pay attention to that, and you can finish the ChatGPT Jailbreak process successfully.

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