Oxtia - One Click ChatGPT Jailbreak Tool

"The World's First and Only Tool to Jailbreak ChatGPT"

Oxtia - One Click ChatGPT Jailbreak Tool

Oxtia is the world's first online tool developed to jailbreak ChatGPT with one click. You can open ChatGPT by clicking the "Try Oxtia Online Tool Now" button, and then you can jailbreak using Oxtia jailbreak codes.

We guarantee that you will be amazed by how Oxtia Jailbreaks ChatGPT within a few seconds.

Sure, get prepared to choose this jailbreak option and get ready to witness the enchantment!.

Ways a User can Access the Oxtia Tool

A user can access the Oxtia tool from oxtia.com or the Chatgpt.x metaspace.

To access our Oxtia tool via meta browsers and experience the ChatGPT jailbreaking, visit our ChatGPT jailbreak metaspace using chatgpt.x.

Are you curious about how to access our Oxtia tool? Here's a quick guide:

01. Open any meta browser like Cligor or Sifoz.

02. Type in ‘ChatGPT.x’ and hit enter.

03. Once the ChatGPT Jailbreak Metaspce appears, you can access our Oxtia tool.

04. You can experience ChatGPT jailbreaking using any JB code shown here.

05. Connect with ChatGPT.x to make the ChatGPT jailbreaking experience fun and more enjoyable.

How to Jailbreak ChatGPT Using Oxtia Online Tool?

ChatGPT jailbreaking is made easy with the "Oxtia tool"; there's no need to deal with jailbreak prompts. You don't need to search for jailbreak prompts or copy and paste them on ChatGPT in any way.

This tool is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

How to Jailbreak ChatGPT Using Oxtia

Just follow these few steps:

  1. Open the "Try Oxtia Online Tool Now '' button.

  2. Then the chatGPT interface will load, and a popup will appear where you can select jailbreak codes.

  3. Click or tap the jailbreak code; within 2-3 seconds, it jailbreaks the ChatGPT based on the jailbreak code you have selected.

  4. Yep!! That’s it. You can experience the amazing jailbreak with just one click.

  5. Need to run another jailbreak? You can find the "Restore" button. Just click it to restore the ChatGPT to its original version.

Specific Features of Oxtia Tool

"Using the jailbreak prompts" was the only way to jailbreak ChatGPT before we developed Oxtia. Therefore, let's explore the benefits of utilizing Oxtia tool instead of relying on jailbreak prompts.


Absolutely!! With a single click, you can effortlessly complete this jailbreak. No need to search for prompts or worry about copying them into ChatGPT anymore.

More fun

The Oxtia tool was developed to add enjoyment to your life. We're all about spreading fun things without spreading anything harmful. Our focus is purely on sharing entertaining triggers.


Some jailbreak prompts currently in use have been banned. Then there is some risk to your account from using those prompts. But when you jailbreak with Oxtia, there is no problem or risk to your account.


Sometimes the jailbreak prompts you're trying is blocked. So you need to check every now and then that those prompts are available, or you have to find a new prompt. But by using Oxtia, you have avoided such problematic situations.

Deal with Not working Jailbreak prompts

At times, when users search for ChatGPT jailbreak prompts, they might not function as expected. However, when using Oxtia, users do not encounter this issue. The developers of Oxtia consistently update the codes of the tool, ensuring that users always receive the most up-to-date jailbreak experiences.

Hard to find Jailbreak prompts

It can be challenging to come across prompts that perform effectively. Users often must experiment with different prompts to identify errors and discover the most suitable ones. However, you can avoid this hassle by using Oxtia. With just one click, you can effortlessly streamline the jailbreak.

Limitations of the Oxtia Tool

Limited options

The Oxtia tool doesn't have lots of ChatGPT jailbreak choices at the moment, but our team is working hard to add more choices soon.

Cannot be customized by users

Users can customize and employ the prompts when carrying out jailbreaks using ChatGPT. But here, you have to find a prompt that works. Unfortunately, Oxtia's solutions aren't open to customization.

Purpose of Oxtia Tool

At Oxtia, our goal is to offer the finest and simplest solution to jailbreak ChatGPT. Our online tool stands as the world's sole example of a ChatGPT jailbreak tool, and its primary purpose is to encourage enjoyable experiences with ChatGPT jailbreak. We are committed to ensuring that our tool is never used to share or endorse anything harmful.

ChatGPT Jailbreak Tools : Oxtia vs Redensa

Oxtia and Redensa are two tools that can jailbreak ChatGPT. Oxtia is both a web app and an app. Redensa, on the other hand, is only an app for iPhones and iPads.

The Oxtia tool connects you directly to the ChatGPT interface and does the jailbreak process. Redensa, on the other hand, uses a terminal to connect to the ChatGPT interface and do the jailbreak process.

It's good to see that everyone is working on making AI tools to jailbreak ChatGPT. We at Oxtia are proud to be the pioneers in producing the world's first and only ChatGPT jailbreak tool. We welcome Redensa to walk our path.

Oxtia vs. ChatGPT Jailbreak Prompts

Two methods to jailbreak ChatGPT: the Oxtia ChatGPT Jailbreak Online Tool and the ChatGPT Jailbreak Prompts. Both remove ChatGPT restrictions.

Oxtia is the first online ChatGPT jailbreak tool and code jailbreaking is used.

Jailbreak prompts are used to overcome ChatGPT limitations. They want to unlock the AI model's full capability and let it generate constrained responses.

These approaches differ and are similar in numerous respects. If you want to successfully jailbreak ChatGPT, pay attention, and check out Oxtia vs. Jailbreak Prompts.


There are two ways to jailbreak ChatGPT,

  1. ChatGPT jailbreak tool
  2. The online tool from Oxtia is the only tool globally that can jailbreak ChatGPT.

  3. ChatGPT jailbreak Prompts
  4. Another approach to jailbreaking ChatGPT involves utilizing prompts. Prompts were initially discovered by Reddit users and have gained significant popularity since then.

    Here are a few instances of effective prompts for the jailbreak ChatGPT:

    Ex -: DAN / Developer Mode / ChatGPT AIM Mode / ChatGPT Oppo Mode / ChatGPT M78 Jailbreak

Right now, there are several websites globally that offer ChatGPT jailbreak prompts. However, only the Oxtia website has an online tool that lets you connect directly to ChatGPT. With just one click, you can head straight to ChatGPT, pick the jailbreak code you want, and smoothly handle the whole jailbreak using the Oxtia online tool.

Users are searching for prompts, and some are not working due to bans or blocks, which is the grant problem they are facing. But with the Oxtia tool, you have no such worries. The major advantage here is that users can easily and quickly jailbreak chatGPT with just one click.

Currently, there are various image generators around the globe. However, there are no image generator prompts through Chatgpt Jailbreak. To address this, Oxtia offers a solution. Experience the Oxtia tool today to satisfy your curiosity.

Enjoy the jailbreak experience of image generation using Oxtia's OXJB9187 prompt.

Yes. Oxtia is the one and only tool in the world that can jailbreak chatGPT using an online tool.

AI technology is advancing rapidly today, and as a result, we can confidently predict that the use of jailbreak prompts will grow in the future. The Oxtia tool can be introduced as the best solution when users focus on meeting their needs easily and in less time.

  • Technical complexity
  • Inconsistent results
  • Legal implications
  • Voided warranty
  • Ethical considerations